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What is Weight Management Counselling?

Weight loss therapy or counselling is a form of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), which can help you increase awareness to, and eventually change, the negative thoughts that often drive the “unhealthy” behaviours. We can also help you get to the core of the problem, as your relationship with food may be a symptom of a deeper issue.

You may have tried losing weight using fad diets or magic supplements. Sometimes they work temporarily, but the results don’t often last. The reason is that these diets or pills don’t address the underlying cause of weight gain. They don’t address the behaviours, attitudes and beliefs we have towards food, and our body image.

Edmonton Weight Loss Counselling

What are the Scientific Benefits of Weight Loss Therapy?

According to the International Journal of Eating Disorders, weight management counselling has been found to:

  • Reduce binge eating episodes
  • Promote days without bingeing
  • Manage eating
  • Reduce shape and weight concerns

An evidence-based study in the International Journal of Women’s Health found that the results of weight loss therapy can be active and effective long after the treatment.

Most weight loss trends do not address the underlying causes of weight gain. Weight management therapy addresses the attitudes and beliefs that affect our approach to health.

Further, the CDC notes that weight loss itself comes with a host of physiological and psychological benefits for even modest weight loss, such as:

  • Improvements to blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugars
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased physical mobility
  • Better general moods
  • Improved self-confidence

Edmonton Weight Management Therapy

How Does Weight Management Therapy Work?

Weight management is about more than simply weight loss, as you may actually need psychological and emotional adjustments. We begin by talking about any factors that may be affecting your healthy body weight, such as culture, parenting, dating experiences, shame, beliefs about weight loss, body image, avoidance, acceptance, and objectification theory.

If your goal is weight loss, we focus on losing weight in a way that’s healthy and sustainable. A nutritionist may give you the best meal plan and a personal trainer may give you the best workout, but if you come home and binge on food late at night, losing weight won’t work.

We address the underlying behaviours that lead to weight gain and overeating. We address the root psychological cause of unhealthy eating and unhealthy behaviours. We do this using scientific models of psychology to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Edmonton Weight Loss Counselling

Weight Loss Therapy Cost

Most health and wellness plans offered by your employer may cover the services offered by a Registered Psychologist. Contact your insurance company for more details.

Weight Loss Therapy

In Person
$ 200 60 Mins.
  • Private Counselling
  • Compassionate Therapists
  • Effective Results

Weight Loss Therapy

Online Counselling
$ 200 60 Mins.
  • Secure Network
  • Encrypted Data
  • HIPAA Compliant

We are here to support you and your family during these challenging times by offering secure online therapy and counselling options in Edmonton. Our telehealth feature uses secure infrastructure where all data is encrypted and fully compliant with the College of Alberta Psychologists’ Practice Guidelines.

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Starting in February/March 2021, we will be offering therapy sessions with Emily McDonald (Student Counsellor) at a reduced rate of $49 per session. She is completing her practicum requirements for her Masters program under the supervision of Dr. Jason Jones.

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