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Let’s Talk About Parenting: PACE & Empathy

The last letter of PACE stands for empathy, or a parent’s ability to feel and engage within a child’s internal world. This means that a parent demonstrates that they understand the emotional experience of a child through their resonance and connection to their child’s experience. Empathy can only happen authentically

Let’s Talk About Parenting: PACE & Curiosity

The C of PACE is curiosity, meaning that parents who want to know more about what happened, rather than less, will be more helpful to their children. The opposite of curiosity is rigidity, or assuming that you already know what happened based on the information you already have. Parents may

Let’s Talk About Parenting: PACE & Acceptance

We’ve talked about the role of playfulness in PACE, to keep our nervous systems in an open and flexible state, and showing that there’s no threat, so children can think instead of reacting in protective ways. Now let’s move to acceptance, which means that we are telling children that we


This is the first edition of Let’s Talk About Parenting and we are going to talk about the acronym PACE and specifically this time, playfulness. PACE stands for: P Is for PLAYFULNESS A is for ACCEPTANCE C is for CURIOSITY E is for EMPATHY This is all from Danial Hughes’

Update on Teletherapy Effectiveness during COVID-19

With the transition to virtual therapy as recommended by CAP, I wanted to investigate the effectiveness of telepsychology. Here is one study I found. Varker, T., Brand, R. M., Ward, J., Terhaag, S., & Phelps, A. (2019). Efficacy of synchronous telepsychology interventions for people with anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder,

The New Rules of Marriage

Intended audience: Couples and professionals Reference: The New Rules of Marriage by Terry Real Title: Changes in relationships as identified by Terry Real, or No Wonder we don’t seem to be on the same page Problem identified by author: Terry Real works closely with Esther Perel and they have put

Declaration of Sexual Pleasure

The 24th World Congress of Sexual Health issued a “Declaration of Sexual Pleasure” on October 15, 2019. The purpose of this blog is to help to contextualize this declaration. Part of my interpretation of the context is that there has been a shift by professionals towards emphasizing sexual pleasure as

The Evolution of Sex Therapy

I found this article I wrote a while ago and thought it might be useful for people interested in sex therapy. A Timeline of Modern Sex Therapy Sex therapy, the treatment of sexual problems, has positively evolved since Kinsey and Masters and Johnson, the pioneers of modern sex therapy (Weeks,

The Role of Vulnerability in Intimate Relationships

I watched this TED talk by Brene Brown after I read her latest book “Braving the Wilderness.” I decided to write this blog for other clinicians, but it can really be applicable to everyone. Let me know what you think. Is this stuff the answer? Part of the answer? Too

How Much Screen Time is too much for Kids?

How much social media or screen time is recommended for kids? This is one of the most frequent questions I get when working with parents and kids. It seems that most people usually do one or two hours per day as the limit, but rather than rigid rules, research suggests

Ten Ways to Protect Your Kids From the Fallout of a High Conflict Break-up

Dr. Joan Kelly is one of the foremost experts on high-conflict separation. She created this handout on the top ten ways parents can protect children during separation. I think it gives parents some great tips. 1. Talk to your children about your separation.  Studies-show-that only 5 percent of parents actually

What Young Children Need from Parents during Separation

I found this from the California Courts and thought it was pretty informative so I’m sharing it here.Children going through divorce or separation have certain needs. Although there are no foolproof ways to raise young children before, during, and after a separation, you and the other parent can help your

7 Tips for Blending Families

     About 43% of all marriages these days include one or more of the partners who have had a previous marriage. 65% of these remarriages involve children from a previous relationship. When all the math is done, it appears that one out of every three children will spend time in

Blending Families: Challenges and Recommendations

1/2/2018 Stepfamilies have become more common and touch up to half of us (Sayre, McCollum, & Spring, 2010). These families are formed following a loss, meaning that unresolved grief could impact the formation of the stepfamily. They are also at risk for loyalty conflicts where children, partners, and ex-partners can

Internet infidelity

Click here to download my first attempt at a podcast format rather than a blog. I prefer the term Internet infidelity to describe relationship issues around trust because of something done using the Internet. I’ll talk about what Internet infidelity means and how to protect your relationship from it.

Erectile disorder

Click here to download tool kit including information related to the assessment and treatment of erectile disorder, which is characterized by a recurrent inability to achieve or maintain a satisfactory erection during partnered sexual activities (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). It is the most common issue that I see in my

Premarital Counselling

With divorce rates approaching 50% of marriages within the first 15 years, couples preparing for marriage are keenly interested in how to best prepare for marriage (Williams, 2007).  This blog will discuss the core content areas to cover in premarital counseling and the interventions therapists use. Additionally, we must pay


Starting in September 2022, we will be offering therapy sessions with our student Shayna Lavallee at a reduced rate of $50 per session. She is under the supervision of Jonathan Bown. 

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