Putting Your Health First

Coronavirus Health and Safety Update

New Health Procedures for Clients

We are now open to see you in person again!

If you are coming to the office for an in-person visit please note the following procedures that are necessary to minimize public health risks:

1. Please phone 587-498-9750 when you arrive to the building while still in your vehicle. Don’t come too early because we ask that you wait in your vehicle if you can until near the start of your appointment. Melissa will check you in and your Psychologist will know you are here.

2. Stay in your vehicle unless you arrived by bus, taxi, or drop-off. If you don’t have a vehicle please come into the office waiting room, read the bulletins on the door, and disinfect your hands. There will be a limited number of chairs in the waiting room to help ensure social distancing of 2 meters and we ask that you attempt to adhere to these guidelines throughout your visit in the office.

3. At 50 minutes from the hour, Psychologists will need to end their sessions to make sure they have enough time to properly screen their next in-person client. They will walk their client out (washrooms are reserved for emergencies only at this time) and then phone their next client to ask them the standardized screening questions assuming they have already checked in with Melissa. These questions are about symptoms related to COVID-19 so if you have any symptoms we will not be able to see you in the office.

4. Once the screening is complete, your Psychologist will tell you to come in to the office door where they will meet you, you will disinfect your hands, and you will be brought directly into the office to begin your session.

5. No coffee or tea will be available.

6. Only individuals or couples with scheduled appointments can come into the office. Anyone accompanying the client will have to wait in his/her vehicle.

7. Only credit cards are currently being accepted so that they can be processed online without the external machine. If you would like to arrange debit we can use an etransfer but please set that up with Melissa first. Receipts will only be provided via email.

8. All contact surfaces will be cleaned with disinfecting wipes between in-person clients.


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Starting in September 2022, we will be offering therapy sessions with our student Shayna Lavallee at a reduced rate of $50 per session. She is under the supervision of Jonathan Bown. 

Enter your name, phone, and email address to submit your interest. We will contact you shortly to confirm your appointment details. Space is limited.